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Inspired by Divisionism and Pointilism, Emma's Abstracture style combines bold colorful strokes with geometric placement using a wet-on-wet technique. She sometimes combines this with her first passion of Figurative art, blending fantastical worlds created by inspiring characters into a work of entrancing and alluring ideas. This work explores the idea of feeling allowed to take up space and to trust that where we are led is where our story is supposed to be.

A self-taught artist, Emma creates vulnerbility-welcoming art in her Albany Park home studio. She has hosted two solo shows, curated two group shows, and her work has been shared in a number of exhibitions. Her collectors range from local Chicago to global South Korea, and clients include the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Prada.

"My style explores the idea of feeling allowed to take up space. So often we are told that what speaks to our soul isn’t welcome. Here, I welcome you. I encourage you to be your rich, colorful, dynamic self, meant to be developed but not restrained. I wish to encourage you to feel uninhibited when you pursue what you enjoy. To be passionate about being passionate."


Art lovers and collectors can find her work on her website gallery, in person at many summer art fairs throughout Chicago, and on social medias all under @EmmaLyonsArt.

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