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A self-taught artist, Emma works in her studio in West Town, Chicago, where she has hosted two solo shows and curated two group shows. She has collectors from Chicago to South Korea, and clients include the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Prada.

Inspired by Divisionism and Pointilism, Emma's Abstracture style combines bold colorful strokes with geometric placement using a wet-on-wet technique. She sometimes combines this with her first passion of Figurative art, blending fantastical worlds created by inspiring characters into a work of enctrancing and alluring ideas.


"I love all things that bring beauty and wellness into the world. I enjoy encouraging people with compliments, and find them easy to give. I see my art in the same way I see people: rich with color and character, full of dynamic personality. Whether I'm working on my Abstracture style or figurative work, my goal is to colorfully encourage my viewers to feel uninhibited when they pursue what they enjoy. To be passionate about being passionate."

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