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The series “Ikigai” was inspired by the Japanese practice of the same name stemming from the belief that the sum of many small joys in the everyday results in a more fulfilling life and a reason for being.  

Through small gestures of color, these paintings explore how all of the little joys we find in our daily life is what makes it worth living. They are surrounded in gold leaf, representing the high worth of such joys when added together. The “Ikigai” series is composed of fourteen 8”x10” works of Acrylic and Liquid Gold Leaf on Cold Press Watercolor Paper. 


Working on this series has reminded me to pay more attention to the small joys in my own life, so in creating these works, I’ve become even more aware of all the little things that make me happy. 


The “Ikigai” series will be released to the public on November 18th online at and in person in my studio during the Fulton Street Collective “Tiny Works” opening night, as well as Kiss The Brain's "Spice Spectacular Show" at On Tour Brewing Company from December 2nd through December 4th.

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