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“Aladdin Sane” Embellished Canvas Print

“Aladdin Sane” Embellished Canvas Print


12” x 12” embellished canvas print of “Aladdin Sane”, varnished. Same size as the original painting.


Important Notes:

Because these are embellished canvas prints and as unique as any original painting would be, some of these embellishments may differ slightly from the images shown. Please allow 4-8 weeks as these are ordered and embellished on demand.

About this piece:

David Bowie has always been the ultimate image of “I get to decide who I’m going to be.”

As someone who reinvented himself for every album and every movie, he inspires us to never feel trapped in how we choose who we are. And he inspires us fabulously, with a bold creativity and a genuine heart.

Perhaps it’s time to be who you’ve always wanted to be. Nobody gets to make that decision for you but you.

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