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"Burning Bridges"

"Burning Bridges"

SKU: 21

Original Artwork "Burning Bridges", 18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas.


This piece takes the same journey as many relationships (romantic or not) do:

There is peaceful new beginning, represented in layers of calm, broad strokes of blue, white, and pink.

A new element is added as drips over these strokes, a deep green to signify the opportunity for growth. But it is not something the relationship is used to. Can it withstand such change?

In this case, no. It erupts in fiery colors of yellow, red, and metallic copper, all but annihilating the calm the piece once boasted. The relationship breaks apart.

And yet, there is beauty in reflecting about such an ended relationship. There were good times to be appreciated, lessons in what matters, growth that you now have in your story.

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