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Ikigai: Passion

Ikigai: Passion


24” x 48” original abstracture, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas.

About this piece:

What ignites your soul? What brings immense joy to your everyday existence?

This is where you get to go play. Explore what sets your heart on fire. Be bad at things. Then practice so you get better. What interests you might evolve over time, and that's okay. Embrace the changes, for they are signs of growth and transformation.

And remember that your passion doesn't have to be something grand or widely recognized. It can be as simple as finding joy in the small things.

Incorporate what makes you come alive into your daily routine, even if it's in small doses. Your passion is a gift waiting to be unapologetically unwrapped, and the world is eager to witness the brilliance you'll bring.

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