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Ikigai: Profession

Ikigai: Profession


24” x 48” original abstracture, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas.

About this piece:

Your profession is not just about earning a living; it's about finding purpose in your daily efforts. It's the bridge that connects your unique gifts to the needs of others, creating a harmonious exchange of value.

Everyone deserves to find career that aligns with their passions and allows them to express their true selves authentically. It isn’t always easy. Art was not my first career.

But we can’t be afraid to explore different paths and take calculated risks. To change our minds. To learn. To grow.

I hope you are always open to new opportunities, and have the courage to pursue a profession that aligns with your passions and purpose. That lets you experience the joy of living a life where work feels like a fulfilling expression of who you are.

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