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“Plié in Pink” Embellished Canvas Print

“Plié in Pink” Embellished Canvas Print


Embellished canvas print of “Plié in Pink”, varnished. Sizing options of:

~ 12” x 16” x .8” for $150

~ 30” x 40” x 0.8” for $350 (original size)


Important Notes:

Because these are embellished canvas prints and as unique as any original painting would be, some of these embellishments may differ slightly from the images shown. Please allow 4-8 weeks as these are ordered and embellished on demand.

About this piece:

Dancers could have the whole world on their shoulders, but with their poise and grace, you’d never know it. That’s the beauty of ballet, I suppose. It only hints at just how strong we can be.

Give yourself credit for your strength. And then take a dance break; you deserve to let loose.

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