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Wet Paint

Wet Paint


30” x 40” original abstracture and figurative acrylic on canvas.

About this piece:

TW: unwanted physical contact, sexual harassment

When we see the warning of “wet paint”, we keep our hands off of it, because our mistakes would mark us in our obvious painted-on punishment.

I wish we could guard our bodies in the same way. In a way that people would listen when we say “I don’t want you to touch me.”

So imagine if she were wet paint. Imagine if we were all wet paint. How clean would your hands be?

I wish for a world where it is the wrongdoer, not the victim, who is marked by their actions. Where the actions slide right off the acted-upon and they can feel unmarked, clean, and free.

PLEASE NOTE: pick up only, available after exhibit on April 19, 2024.


I will arrange a pick up time and location with you. I will be happy to discuss delivering this to you, but will cancel your order if you select a shipping option. Thank you so much for understanding!

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