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“Without Shame” Embellished Canvas Print

“Without Shame” Embellished Canvas Print


Canvas print of “Reasons”, embellished with acrylic paint to add texture and varnished.

Original painting is sold. Available in three sizes:

~8" x 10"

~16" x 20"

~24" x 30" (original art size)


Important Notes: because these are embellished canvas prints and as unique as any original painting would be, some of these embellishments may differ slightly from the images shown. Please allow 4-6 weeks as these are ordered and embellished on demand.

About this piece:

We are all rough drafts, works in progress with unfinished unpolished pieces and plans that are not fully fleshed out.

Our tendency is to hide what is not “ready” for the world to see, feeling shame of what is not yet perfected and feeling we need to be complete before we can be presentable.

I encourage you to, without shame, let others into your process of becoming who you are meant to be.

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