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SOLO SHOWS April 2024: "Body of Work" at Zhou B Art Center October 2023: “High Vibrancy” at TimeOut Market in the West Loop, Chicago January 2022: “Work In Progress” at Fulton Street Collective, West Town, Chicago October 2021: “Overactive Imagination” at Fulton Street Collective, West Town, Chicago CURATOR/JUROR March 2022: “Muse and Movement” at Fulton Street Collective August 2021: “Portraits” at Fulton Street Collective EXHIBITS September 2023-December 2023: Ipsento 606 in Wicker Park, Chicago July 2023: VibrantCast Gallery in Lincoln Square, Chicago May 2023-September 2023: 10 juried art fairs in Chicago March 2022-June 2022: Philz Coffee in Hyde Park, Chicago May 2022-September 2022: 15 juried art fairs in Chicago and the Midwest April 2021-Present: Fulton Street Collective in West Town, Chicago July 2021-Present: Workbox in multiple locations, Chicago November 2021-Present: Dye Salon in Andersonville, Chicago December 2022: Kiss The Brain’s “Spice Spectacular” June 2022-December 2022: Gadabout in Andersonville, Chicago March 2022: Hairpin Art Center’s “Glow Up” October 2020-December 2020: Ruth's Cafe in Castleton, Indianapolis July 2020-October 2020: Press Coffee in Lincoln Park, Chicago

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