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A Journal of Encouragement (Reasons)

A Journal of Encouragement (Reasons)


This journal is meant to inspire self-discovery as the Work of Art you are. I created it with the hope that it would encourage you while you explore your unique journey and embrace the full spectrum of emotions that life brings. Affirmations and prompts inside these 110 pages include topics on joy, vulnerability, worthiness, growth, creativity, bravery, peace, and embracing your beautiful imperfections.


7.5” x 9.25”
110 Pages
Durable Glossy Cover


About the Cover Art: 
“Reasons” by Emma Lyons, 2023

She wanted all the colors; she wanted to be limitless. For… reasons. She doesn’t need to explain herself to you, because the heart wants what it wants. So leaver her be. Let her be extraordinary on her own terms. And let yourself be extraordinary on your own terms. It’s okay to give yourself that space and kindness, too.

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