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“Air and Water Show” Embellished Canvas Print

“Air and Water Show” Embellished Canvas Print


Embellished canvas print of “Air and Water Show”, varnished. Sizing options of:

~ 12” x 16” x .8” for $150

~ 30” x 40” x 0.8” for $350 (original size)


Important Notes:

Because these are embellished canvas prints and as unique as any original painting would be, some of these embellishments may differ slightly from the images shown. Please allow 4-8 weeks as these are ordered and embellished on demand.

About this piece:

They are so graceful and strong. How beautifully they connect with their community and inspire those who experience their dance. How stunning their expressive movement is.

Did you think of the aerial dancers or the whales first while reading this?

Whether it’s dancers on silks in the sky or whales with their songs in the depths, we have more in common than we might think at first glance.

Who else do you think you have more differences than similarities? How many things can you find that you have in common with them instead?

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